Monday, December 20, 2010


As you fade away into the dark
like a silhoutte
on this moonlit night....

I stand here all alone
on the vast stretch of sand
Through my tearful eyes
I can see my shadow
bidding farewell to me....

Here after my shadow
will embrace you,
follow you
like it always did
to protect you from everything dark....

I will become a shadow of your past
a black and white reel
in your colourful life
receding somewhere down
in your memory lane....

You call the dew drops
of the morning
your lucky charm
for you never know
those diamonds are my tears.....                                        

You come to the shore again
admiring the sunset
The gush of wind that
sweeps your cheek
are the sighs of my soul....

As you watch the sun throwing
fiestas of shades for you
A smile crosses your lips
Still you never know they are
the camphors glowing in my heart....

Through and through every sunrise
you seem to fall in love
with the mirror
But you never know
that you love yourself  with my eyes......

Still you never feel me
As I am the light of your eyes
that will never let you meet darkness.... 

                                                      - Sruthi Wilson Thekkath

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