Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One and Only Love

The shield of your arms around me
are pricking my heart
Like the broken bangles
in your hand.....

The bangles speak aloud
'She is playing with your heart'....

The blithe songs that sprung from your tongue
are piercing my ears
Like the blank calls
Flickering in your phone.....

The phone throw alarming messages
'She is cheating on you'.....

The smile that spread across your lips
are teasing my senses
Like the smeared lipstick
on your gorgeous lips.....

The myriad of lip colours mock me
'She is making you a fool'.....

The ache born in your heart
is tearing me apart
Like the flames of passion
in your loins.....

The fiery desire bang on me
'She is loving someone else'.....

For all your deceitful wiles
I bequeath all my love
Like the last wish                                                                       
of a dying soul....

The guardian angels sang to me
'She is your one and only love'......
              - Sruthi Wilson Thekkath

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